Embracing Uncertainty

As a therapist, educator and human bean

It's a beautiful time of life. Despite the global uncertainty (or because of it!), I am inclined to spend more time than ever doing the things I love as a therapist, educator and human bean

As a therapist, I am blessed beyond measure to work in deep, trusting relationship with clients of all ages in my private practice. With the addition of online clients from all across British Columbia, I have never been busier or more honoured to serve.  Whether in my New Westminster office or far beyond, in the places where you all live, work and love, I relish our shared pursuit of wisdom, wonder and wellness. 

As an educator who has dedicated three decades to public education,  I am joyfully anticipating the global development of my labour of love, Kwil Club.  As a positive, proactive educational project dedicated to the love of literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning, we are poised to create and connect with children and creative inner children of all ages with more capacity than ever. With the future publication of Creative Connections: The JOY of keeping pencils moving and keyboards tapping! and ongoing digital enhancments,  frizzy-fuzzy green-nosed Kwil's dream will fully and finally come true. 

As a human bean, I will continuue to pay it forward with great love and faith, giving voice to the creativity and humanitarian causes I care about. If it adversely affects the young, old, poor, sick or any othered population being denied the universal human right to full actualization, I will finally have the time and opportunity write my truth in poetry and prose. When 'being the change' as a therapist and educator is not enough to 'change the world,' I will offer testimony and truth to transcend my time. 

With the guidance and support of my creative inner child, Kwil, I will keep my pencil moving and my keyboard tapping. In whatever capacity that may appeal to you, I thank you for joining me in my roles as a therapist, educator, and human bean. I'm having the time of my life. That is my wish for all of you.  

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