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My Quest: Questions & Queries

Manuscripts Available to Agents & Editors

Kalen is interested in partnering with agents, editors, artists and information technologists to bring stoires and creative educational concepts to life in a multitude of ways.

Semi-retired, he knows that his own life as a reader, writer and researcher is short and there's still so much he has to say. If you're an agent or acquisitions editor, please don't hesitate to request copies of the following manuscripts or inquire about Kalen's three larger manuscipts in progress

Publishing professionals may send an email to Kalen Marquis to request particular manuscripts. You may also subscribe below for updates on the status of these creative offerings.

When the World Was Black & White (a perception, perspective, communication, & diversity story)

Tara's Trouble Collectin' Coat (a story of empathy, kindness, caring, passion, purpose, balance & boundaries)

Silly Sally Smiled Her Silly Sally Smile (a quirky, tongue-twisting, and optimistic present moment awareness story)

The Cherry-Lemon Tree (a story of perception, perspective, projection and positivity)

When a Guy's Gotta Cry (a poetic emotional honesty and health story for all ages, genders & identities)

The Elastic Band Kids (a rhyming narrative on the tensionality and plasticity of parenting & teaching with love and expectation)

Why Sunflowers Grow Towards the Sun ( a family mental health awareness and understanding story

The Christmas Orange (a humble story on the blessings of life and the spirit of giving)

Mrs. Modge & Her Hodge-Podge Cottage (a story of minimalism consumerism, vanity, humility and grace)

Gaila Pasquaila Magaila Magoo (a fantastically fun tribute to moms and the audacious awesomeness of parents)

Goodbye Ms. Duffy (a poignant tribute to a retiring teacher on her last day of school)

Travis McBean & His Jelly Bean Machine (a rhyming, repeating pattern book with a "sugary sweet and oohey-gooey-oh-so-chewy" problem)

Margaret Mavis Muriel Muck (a story about neurodiversity and plasticity,making mistakes, growth, compassion, actualization)

Rainbow Rocks (an autobiographical story about following one's heart and dreaming dreamy dreams)

A Letter for Kwil"(the life story of frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil and his call to be a poet and pen pal via Kwil.Club)

Kwil's Golden Key of Trus" (a story of freedom, friendship & fun through transparency and trust)

Kwil's Sparkle Book (an inspirational story of purpose, mastery, autonomy and 'ikigai")"Kwilette's

Kwilette's Glimmer & Glow (a story of self-identity, actualization, passion, purpose, potential, flow & transcendence)

Once Upon a Kwil Kid (yet another personalized possibility to internalize and apply what we've known for far too long!

LARGER WORKS IN PROGRESS: A 'Mascot Mania' Manual for Literacy, Creativity and Social-Emotional Learning; A Public Education Retrospective; A Marquis Memoir; A Kwil Anthology

FINALLY: How about YOU? As a teacher, librarian, counsellor, uncle and fellow "human bean" on the journey, may I ask: "Are you keeping your pencil moving and keyboard tapping? Are you keeping pages turning and your imagination yearning?" Kalen will always believe that there is no greater way to come to know ourselves and others than through the nurturing and trust-based process of reading, writing, talking, creating and connecting. Formally, informally, and instinctively, we are wired for story and inquiry into the human condition. This is our birthright and a fundamental part of indvidual human actualization and transcendence. THIS is what catapults us individually and collectively into a brighter, happier and hope-filled future (see manusciptes above and many more to come for details). As always, it starts with the children (and creative inner children inside) looking to find their way,asking age-old questions of life, death and every possible thing in between. It is ALL grist for the mill of human life. What will we pass on? How might we help as youth and elders alike seek (or resist) the wisdom, wonder and wellness of all ages available through words, modeling and mentorship? While they may never "do as we say," they will always, always, do as we do. With love. laughter, light!

As has always been the case with Kalen's own students, clients and families in the classroom, library and counselling office, where the attention goes, energy flows. That is the JOY of creativity and innovation. We create and connect through our presence in responsive engagement with other, open-minded and like-hearted individuals who "yearn to learn" and serve humanity through education and entertainment. All that follows reflects both the process and product of "lived experience" which is what each individual takes with them in their mind and heart long after the learning and creating are done.

SUBSCRIBE FOR ACQUISITION UPDATES BELOW. Thank You! Your interest in the status of my own publishing projects keeps me inspired and accountable as I, too, keep my own pencil moving and keyboard tapping with joy! :-)


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